[linux-dvb] Cinergy HT USB XE

root srv at tiscali.it
Thu Sep 6 20:59:18 CEST 2007

I think the device is based on the STK7700-PH component by Dibcom.

The STK7700-PH family is based on the following components: 

- a Dibcom demodulator with an integrated USB interface (Dib7700)
- a tuner and analog decoder which are provided by a third party partner
(Xceive XC3028 and Conextant CX25843)

The dib0700 driver seems to support the STK7700-P, STK7700-D,
STK7700-PD, but not the STK7700-PH wich is the only one using the

It seems we have to add the xc3028 driver to the existing one.

Ref: www1.dibcom.info/Images/Upload/pdf/DiBcom_PC_Notebooks_0702.pdf

Hope it helps.


> Hi Olivier,
> sorry for my private reply last night (...beginners mistake). 
> Again: I did what you said and the device is now found. But the tuner seems to 
> be a xc3028. 
> There is a registry-entry in the INF-file:
> [MOD7000_DEVICE_AddReg]
> ; STK7700PH (HOOK_USB_REV_B; hybrid_diversity_xc3028_cx2584x) (0x1e98)
> So what can I do to get the tuner working?
> Thank you
> Holger
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