[linux-dvb] Asys P7131 Hybrid: DVB out of range

Paolo Dell'Aquila paoloyes at tin.it
Fri Sep 7 10:15:45 CEST 2007

hermann pitton wrote:

> Can not reproduce your problem on a 32bit machine with the Asus P7131
> Dual. If I fake frequencies out of range in my tzap channels.conf, the
> error behavior is OK, also I can still tune to the valid frequencies.



I want to thank you all.

Lot of you asked me to check my channels.conf. That is what put me on 
the right direction.

The card was working fine on my WinXP machine so it wasn't an hardware 

The reported error was in dmesg so I had only two alternatives: a driver 
problem or a buggy software launched at start time.
Damn... a daemon... or a server...

I checked all my channels.conf: they were right and all the programs 
using channels.conf (vdr, tzap, mplayer) were not launched at boot time.

Mmmmhhhh... MythTv-backend was the only one started in background during 
... so I removed it and...


everything works fine again.

It's a mystery why Mythtv-backend was trying to use the driver: there 
was no scheduled activities...
... and it's a mystery (for me) why it wasn't possible to use the driver 
after that buggy activity.

> Radio doesn't work for you. Are you sure you have still gpio 0x0200000
> for radio and not 0x0000000 ?

It wasn't possible to use anything after the mythtv backend activity. 
Just noise on radio and jumping images with a lot of noise with anolog tv.

But now everything is going fine.

########## ACTUAL SITUATION ##########

1) patched v4l with your patches so dvb-t is binded to the same 
analog-tv antenna. (cannot understand why I have to patch also 
saa7134-cards.c with gpi=0x0000000 bit I did it, LOL)

2) analog tv: perfect

3) Couldn't make the patch cable working. Still have to use aplay or sox

4) kaffeine on dvb-t perfect

5) mplayer with analog tv: perfect

6) mplayer with dvb-t: solved now! It doesn't like all those "auto" in 
channels.conf. Changed them and mplayer started working.

So the only problem now is with the patch cable.

Thanks again to all of you for helping me to solve this problem.



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