[linux-dvb] Open letter - Linux Support for WinTV -T-500 DVB-T TV card

Eduard Huguet eduardhc at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 12:13:57 CEST 2007

Good try! I don't know if this will be even remotely helpful, but at least
you tried.
It's really a pity that the support for this card is still incomplete these
days. Specially having in mind that (I think) we are very close to have a
fully functional driver, as the USB disconnects (without plugin in the
remote captor) are really very marginal.

However, plugin in and using the remote controller is a total different
story, a nightmare I'd even say: system locks, frequent disconnects (not
solvable by restarting the mythbackend - I need to do a full poweroff and
even unplug the power cord to force a firmware reload on the card
sometimes...), etc... Is there any possibility that we get a better support
for the Nova-T 500 remote any day?

It'd really be "the perfect card" if only this issue were solved...

Kind regards,
  Eduard Huguet
  Barcelona (Spain)

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> From: Nicolas Will <nico at youplala.net>
> To: info at dibcom.com, info at microtune.com, sales at hauppauge.com,
> techsupport at hauppauge.com
> Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 08:03:18 +0100
> Subject: [linux-dvb] Open letter - Linux Support for WinTV -T-500 DVB-T TV
> card
> To: Hauppauge, manufacturer of complete TV solutions
> To: Microtune and Dibcom, manufacturers of discrete elements used in the
> above solutions
> Copy: Linuxtv.org DVB mailing list, representing the linux users of
> above equipment, and the current developers of drivers
> I am a user of an Hauppauge WinTV-T-500 DVB-T dual tuner card. I am also
> a Linux user, trying to build a home-made Home Theater PC (HTPC).
> This letter is an individual effort, not reflecting the official policy
> of any other group or body of persons. Nevertheless, I hope that other
> users will make the effort of sending you equivalent requests.
> The WinTV-500-T is a very attractive piece of hardware with a feature
> set that matches many of the needs of HTPC builders, especially due to
> its dual-tuners capabilities. It has become very popular.
> Unfortunately, the current drivers available, developed by individual
> efforts, through reverse engineering or limited corporate efforts are
> still not fully working and are not completely usable, due primarily to
> disconnecting USB devices or tuning difficulties.
> Such problems could easily be corrected if efforts were made by the
> manufacturers, both of the card (Hauppauge) and of the components
> (Dibcom and Microtune).
> I understand that the Linux users of your equipment are still a fringe
> of your user base, but please keep in mind that this situation is
> rapidly evolving, with the growing success of the platform itself,
> partly driven by the growing popularity of custom HTPC applications.
> I am sure that a solid and vendor-supported set of drivers would only
> accelerate the success of Linux around the TV applications.
> Please, take a look at the situation and assign official and sufficient
> resources (humans, coders, development hardware and lab, multi-parties
> communications, time, money, salaries) in order to achieve complete and
> solid support for your hardware under the Linux kernel. These efforts
> wil allow you to grab a reward, the capture of a fast-growing market
> where you would be the first to grab an audience.
> The Linux users and developers community will certainly be eager to
> support these efforts and provide all the feedback you may need.
> Nicolas Will
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