[linux-dvb] Greetings from IBC

Mikko Tuumanen mijutu at utu.fi
Mon Sep 10 12:03:39 CEST 2007

Greetings from IBC.

I have a cx88xx analog card at out booth that works badly in linux.
I went to the Conexant booth to ask them about linux support
of their chips and the answer was clear: No, no and no.
It seems they are afraid of "hackers" and their main concern is digital rights
managemet such as macrovision that can be disabled too easily if we get their
specs. And they say they would lose all their business if that could be done.
Right. But at least I know that Conexant based cards is something not to buy
any time soon. I have no idea how official company policy that is.
Maybe they just randomly picked an explanation.

I visited Technotrend also and they were a lot more linux friendly. The guy at
the booth was aware of vdr even he is not a technical person. And he told me
that the FF-cards will be on the market and developing in the future too.

Anyway, if some of you happen to be at the IBC, I'll be at booth 2.116
doing some broadcasting with linux based tools. And if you yourself
aren't here, but have any difficult questions to some exhibitors, I 
might have to time go talk to them for you.

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