[linux-dvb] Status of TT3200 driver development? Sharing might be the answer

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 22:13:23 CEST 2007

Mario Smit wrote:
> Hi,
> Background
> ----------
> Two weeks ago I've received my new TT3200 DVB/S2 card. Since that moment
> I've tried to get it working under Linux.
> I've downloaded all the patches, bits and pieces from Manu, Laasa and
> others and made it work, kind of... Which means it once in a while locks
> on DVB/S channels and never locked on DVB/S2 channels. This means the
> driver in it's current state is far from ready and is worthless.
> I am a programmer myself and am willing to put my time in it. But there
> is absolutely no public information available. That's strange because
> without this information the current driver could never get to the state
> it is now. I've read some people had contact with STM, it's even in the
> copyright notice, but why don't we share this information?

I am sorry to say this, but what i have based upon the work is based on
an agreement with STM, the agreement
conditions which went like this:

"Is it possible to communicate information to you under NDA and not have
that information propagated?  Or does any information I pass to you
become considered as public knowledge? "

> Sharing as a solution
> ---------------------
> If we would just share the information we have, in stead of keeping it
> to ourselves, we would be able to continue working on the driver in
> stead of waiting for things to happen. So, where's the WIKI, Blog,
> Mercurial with our combined efforts or other info in this mailinglist
> about the chips used? 
> Open source is all about sharing. If we don't have good code to share
> yet, let's share at least the information that will make it possible to
> write it!

Information under NDA cannot be shared, that's what the NDA is all
about. If that happens, that it becomes public knowledge that which was
not meant to be, temporarily it would be fun, yes.

But later when newer things they will just show the middle finger, also
not to forget that the people who went on with the agreement are liable
as well.

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