[linux-dvb] Status of TT3200 driver development? Sharing might be the answer

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Wed Sep 12 02:33:28 CEST 2007

Mario Smit wrote:
> Two weeks ago I've received my new TT3200 DVB/S2 card. Since that moment
> I've tried to get it working under Linux.
> I've downloaded all the patches, bits and pieces from Manu, Laasa and
> others and made it work, kind of... am willing to put my time in it. But
> there is absolutely no public information available. ... So, where's the
> WIKI, Blog, Mercurial with our combined efforts or other info in this
> mailinglist about the chips used? 
> Open source is all about sharing. If we don't have good code to share
> yet, let's share at least the information that will make it possible to
> write it!

There is an entry for the card already in the wiki:

Obviously its content is not particularly informative, but given that
(a) (because he is bound by the restrictions of the NDA) we cannot
expect that entry to become populated any time soon with information
from Manu and (b) the fact that you have spent time over the last two
weeks becoming familiar with the device, how about leading the charge ?

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