[linux-dvb] (maybe OT) Recommendation for DVB-C card for home made receiver/recorder

Thomas Kaiser linux-dvb at kaiser-linux.li
Thu Sep 13 16:55:37 CEST 2007


Our cable TV provider here in Liechtenstein moves more and more channels 
to DVB-C. Now, I am thinking of building my own DVB-C receiver/recorder 
based on Linux because I couldn't find one which pleases my needs.

I have the following situation:
1 TV in the bed room which is a 20" TFT Monitor (VGA connection) and a 
normal TV set in the living room. For the living room I would like to 
have a box where I can view and recorder at the same time (2 DVB-C 
cards). In the bed room is only viewing needed and play back the movies 
I have recorded in the living room over LAN. Of course, these boxes 
should be as silent as possible ;-)

Any recommendation is warmly welcome. Also for motherboard, processor 
and so on.

Thanks, Thomas

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