[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Userspace tuner

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 23:53:00 CEST 2007

Aidan Thornton wrote:

> I think this will require a rethink of either how the em2880-dvb
> driver works or how frontend drivers work. The current API expects
> users to initialise their frontend and then bind a tuner to it.
> em2880-dvb is a sort of subdriver that attaches to the main driver,
> and doesn't have any control over when or how it initialises its
> tuner, so it can't delay tuner initialisation until the frontend has
> been initialised. (I don't think it's the only hybrid driver that
> works this way either). Of course, I could be missing something.

The em28xx/xc3028 is in fact not too complex. Just for sake of
demonstration, some time back i had posted a dummy driver how it can be
done in a nice and clean way as an example.

The patch assumes some additional standards, you can ignore them. But
you get the general idea from in there.

>> There is no reason why the Xceive driver cannot be merged into the
>> current development tree using the hybrid tuner framework as it stands
>> today.
> I'm not convinced this is entirely true. In order to avoid unnecessary
> reinitialisation of the device, the driver needs to know whether the
> device is in analog or digital mode, and I can't see a way of doing it
> with the current API. (I think existing drivers, such as the xc2028
> driver in one branch, use the older analog API and make the digital
> driver a wrapper around it.) Again, I may be missing something.

You can read this post also for some additional information.

Use the ideas as you deem fit. ;-)


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