[linux-dvb] DVB API update

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 18:03:26 CEST 2007


Currently the DVB API is of version 3.2. We have had API changes and
changes to no end to it. In fact there was much learning from the V3 API
than any other version.

We have an old V4 API that was supposed to be taking over the V3 API.
But V4 is considered almost dead due to lack of modern hardware support
such as SOC's for STB's.

While being on the V3 frontend API overhaul, i found to much dismay that
it would be much better to revamp V4 into a newer API version such as
V5, rather than scratching with V3 for ages together, resulting in just
unnecessary talks and discussions.

What i find interesting with the V4 API
* A better demuxer
* ARIB extensions

but that doesn't mean that V4 has all that we need. We have had
significant inroads, milestones and learning with mostly the frontend
API in V3 where changes were happening quite fast, though the CA API
can't be ignored.

With both aspects taken into consideration, i am of the thought that we
should go ahead with taking the best of what we have as a new
experimental API altogether.

I had talked with Michael and Ralph on this aspect, they were quite
happy to proceed in that direction. It would be nice to have your views
on this aspect of going ahead with the new API.

I hope this doesn't mark the beginning of another flame war.


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