[linux-dvb] people watching 28.2E in the south-west of France

Tony Grant tony at tgds.net
Sat Sep 15 18:18:38 CEST 2007

Le lundi 25 juin 2007 à 21:13 +0200, Chris Moore a écrit :

> I don't think you necessarily need to twist the whole dish as a polar 
> mount does.
> Twisting the LNB by a similar amount should avoid cross-polarization 
> problems.
> (However I do seem to remember seeing some of the tiny fixed elliptical 
> dishes in London mounted on the skew.)
> IMHO it is better to look for a minimum on the wrong polarization rather 
> than a maximum on the correct polarization.
> This is probably difficult to do on digital : dish alignment was easier 
> in the good old analogue days :-(
> Nevertheless I am surprised you are having problems with the 
> polarization as in practice I have never found it too critical.

School holidays are over! So I decided it was time to solve this
problem. Effectively I mounted the dish on the polar mount and bingo!
the twist of the dish was required to get a lock on the satelite.

Now I just have a cable problem to solve - The dish is on the terrasse
15 metres away and the cable has to get to the PC. I don't want to live
with a PC (even a silent one) in my bedroom...


PS I can document this with photos but I don't think the list permits


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