[linux-dvb] AF9005 remote control

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sat Sep 15 21:56:26 CEST 2007

En/na Moisés Pérez ha escrit:

> Searching on luca's web, I found a new Readme.lirc and a af9005-lirc.c. 
> I tried build it as readme says and I got lots of make errors:
> I've modified the Makefile in correct folder and added the flag 
> "-I/usr/src/lirc-0.8.1/", just where I've decompressed the lirc sources.

At the time I tried it with lirc 0.8.1 and lirc-0.6.6, so it should work

> I have any questions:
> 1 - the dvb-usb-af9005-lirc module (if i can compile it) will be as a 
> module of lirc defaults?? how is it used??

the module replaces the standard one (so make sure the standard one 
isn't found/loaded). The "standard" modules supplied with the driver 
decodes the ir code of a couple of remotes: the one I got with my card 
and one of another user. The "standard" modules emulates an input device 
(like all other remotes in linux-dvb do, since most devices don't give 
you the complete ir stream but decode it themselves in firmware): if it 
works you should try to press e.g. "1" and you should see a "1" on the 
console like you typed it on the keyboard.
OTOH the lirc module doesn't try to decode the ir, but just massages it 
in a format that lirc understands, so you can use it like a lirc 
homebrew receiver.

> 2 -  the remote module charged with v4l-dvb standards modules doesn't 
> work?? Can't be used with lirc or another way??

It can be used with lirc but I lost the link where it explains how to 
convert the input device to a lirc device. Note that with the "standard" 
method it only recognizes the supplied remote anyway, so it's of limited 
use, while my alternative lirc module should work with any remote (once 
you configured it with irrecord).

> 3 - dmesg seems to recognize the IR-receiver inside of  USB DVB receiver 
> as /class/input/input11, can be lirc configured to use it?? On 
> README.lirc he said he have a serial IR receiver, but can we use lirc 
> with the IR-receiver inside of dongle??

if you want to use it with any remote, make sure the standard module 
isn't loaded and load the lirc one. Then look at lirc documentation on 
how to use it.
OTOH if the standard remote is enough for you, try to see if the 
standard module works. If it does, you just have to configure your 
software to use the input device, if it doesn't probably your remote is 
different and we can try to discover its codes to put in the driver table.


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