[linux-dvb] HELP: card identification

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Sun Sep 16 23:47:40 CEST 2007

Am Sonntag, den 16.09.2007, 22:51 +0200 schrieb Peter Missel:
> Hi all!
> > then I expect that the Typhoon/Anubis/Lifeview cardbus 50500 just works
> > with the current v4l-dvb mercurial master repository at linuxtv.org.
> The Typhoon 50500 is a LifeView Cardbus Duo (502TA), while the 50503 is a Duo 
> w/ remote feature (LR502TAR). 
> The lesser "Hybrid" models have a separate radio antenna jack, and a radio 
> antenna included - the Duo cards have twin TV antenna jacks and no radio 
> function at all.
> Sources for Germany? www.schwarz.de have a selection of LifeView branded cards 
> in their DVB-T section, that's where my own 502TAR came from - simply because 
> nobody else apparently carries the full version w/ remote control. 
> www.pearl.de currently have the remote-less Typhoon version for a very good 
> price (39.90 euros as of right now).
> The thing to look out for is the card revision - at least since last year, 
> these cards do not have a cooling fan inside anymore. The older revisions 
> with their tiny noisy fan are unbearable on a quiet notebook.
> Hope that helps.
> good night.
> Peter

Hi Peter,


This makes it clear with the radio and also the fan issue is good to
know about.

We are looking for a shop in Frankfurt am Main, preferably just on the
main shopping mall ZEIL and say starting from subway station
Konstablerwache, which has the recent Typhoon OEM in stock or the Kworld
NB-TV 220, which might be the sam then. Also no radio as far I have
seen. Conrad Electronics exactly there has it not.

Else we must go to such outlet centers in the peripherie along the
highways, we just want to buy it, waiting for delivery takes too long.

Sunday is not good to check it out ...


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