[linux-dvb] asus p7131 vs ZDF?

Soeren Sonnenburg dvb-ml at nn7.de
Mon Sep 17 08:38:24 CEST 2007

On Sat, 2007-09-15 at 23:55 +0200, hermann pitton wrote:
> Hi Soeren,

Hi Hermann,

[zdf not available on p7131]
> closest to you is this one with 8MHz bandwidth on the older one I have
> without LNA. You might try with AUTO for all, except bandwidth.
> T 578000000 8MHz 2/3         NONE        QAM16      8k        1/4       NONE

so I used 


but still no channel lock...

> Haven't find anything special for this one so far on the tda8275a with tda10046a.
> An FMD1216ME with tda10046a, not much tested yet, more likely has some
> flaw around there on slightly weaker signal.

The other budget card says has snr f5f5 - fefe (signal cdcd) for ZDF and
gets BER in the twenties. While the situation is better for ARD (signal
d2d2, snr fefe, ber between 0-4 for the budget card and signal a3a3 for
the p7131, snr fefe, ber 0-4) I think reception is still strong enough
for ZDF...

Strange that I have seen the exact same problem for the dibcom


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