[linux-dvb] DVB API update

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Tue Sep 18 01:12:07 CEST 2007

On Mon, Sep 17, 2007, Steven Toth wrote:
> Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
>> But after all the discussions, and you and Steve have written
>> drivers which I hope prove the API as working, why do you
>> still think it is experimental? What would it take to make
>> it non-experimental?
> My take on the patches is this:
> It's experimental.
> However, it's been experimental for about a year and it's not getting 
> traction, I've said this before on the ML - it needs to be driven. I've 
> been pinging Manu recently to put up a tree on linuxtv.org/hg, merged with 
> the latest v4l-dvb tree so people like myself can start testing, breaking 
> and patching the tree.
> No tree = no testers = no discussion = no review = no merge = no support in 
> Linux.
> I want to help start the ball rolling.

Great, sounds like a good plan.

>> I wish you'd just stop with all those private discussions and instead
>> keep it on the list all the time. That way everyone would have all
>> the relevant information, which is one of the key points of doing
>> Open Source development: spreading not just the code but also the
>> knowledge about the technology. mrec isn't completely wrong when he says
>> that this list gives the appearance of a closed, elitist circle where
>> everything interesting happens in backrooms.
> That's a little harsh Johannes. :)

But I mean it. I used clear words so everyone would get it.

> I contacted Manu privately and offered to help him with the patch. Why? 
> Because whenever I've tried to debate or encourage this via the ML it's 
> gone nowhere. The ML is only useful to a point, then it's meaningless and 
> 1-to-1 communication is required.

Fair enough. The story behind this is that I had been Cc'd out of the
blue in a private discussion about this (even after I told Manu serveral
times that I don't want to participate in private technical
discussions), and had I not pushed for taking it to the list
then a new tree would have appeared on linuxtv, leaving many
people oblivious to it's purpose and the story behind it's creation.

It's very simple: If you want to work like that, then just
leave me out of it. There is no need to get me involved.


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