[linux-dvb] Missing channels on FlyDVB-S LR300 (saa7134-dvb)

Héctor hcordobes at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 03:09:23 CEST 2007

> Hi there. I bought a FlyDVB-S LR300 a few weeks ago. I set it up for
> use with MythTV but I have been unable to get more than a few channels
> and the ones I can get are pretty bad. No BBC besides radio. No ITV.
> No Film4. The only remotely interesting one is Sky News UK.

Hi, I have seen the same results on mine (LR300 with silicon tuner).

If you have managed to make it work, please advice (thanks!, I have made
a search on the list and I have not seen any result about this issue).

If not, I can add some more info to the description.

First of all, I have a working and tested installation from the LNB to
the F-connector just up to the card. It is an universal LNB, although I
only use the Lo-Band, V pol.

With the card I can tune 11038MHz (badly), 10979MHz (fine), 11156MHz
(fine), but not 11097MHz, 10876MHz, 10818, 10778... There is some
overlap, although the cutting frequency should be arounf 11700MHz.

With the original Windows drivers, the provided version did not work
(same failures!). But the updated version does work! So it seems that
they had to make an update on the sw for some component or something
like that.

Nevertheless, I have tried both latest stable version from linuxtv (in
July), and vanilla 2.6.21-5 drivers, with same failing results.

So, if this clarifies the landscape, fine.

If you feel like you need more info or some tests, please advice.

Thanks, and regards,

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