[linux-dvb] Missing channels on FlyDVB-S LR300 (saa7134-dvb)

Héctor hcordobes at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 09:55:36 CEST 2007

hermann pitton escribió:
> Am Donnerstag, den 20.09.2007, 03:09 +0200 schrieb Héctor:
>>> Hi there. I bought a FlyDVB-S LR300 a few weeks ago. I set it up for
>>> use with MythTV but I have been unable to get more than a few channels
>>> and the ones I can get are pretty bad. No BBC besides radio. No ITV.
>>> No Film4. The only remotely interesting one is Sky News UK.
>> Hi, I have seen the same results on mine (LR300 with silicon tuner).
>> If you have managed to make it work, please advice (thanks!, I have made
>> a search on the list and I have not seen any result about this issue).
>> If not, I can add some more info to the description.
>> First of all, I have a working and tested installation from the LNB to
>> the F-connector just up to the card. It is an universal LNB, although I
>> only use the Lo-Band, V pol.
>> With the card I can tune 11038MHz (badly), 10979MHz (fine), 11156MHz
>> (fine), but not 11097MHz, 10876MHz, 10818, 10778... There is some
>> overlap, although the cutting frequency should be arounf 11700MHz.
>> With the original Windows drivers, the provided version did not work
>> (same failures!). But the updated version does work! So it seems that
>> they had to make an update on the sw for some component or something
>> like that.
>> Nevertheless, I have tried both latest stable version from linuxtv (in
>> July), and vanilla 2.6.21-5 drivers, with same failing results.
>> So, if this clarifies the landscape, fine.
>> If you feel like you need more info or some tests, please advice.
>> Thanks, and regards,
>> --Héctor
> Hi,
> Philips semiconductors is outsourced to NXP,
> and the only contacts we had so far came from some guys in India.
> To be honest, I didn't had the impression that they already know on what
> they are sitting now.
> Happy camping,
> Hermann

So does this mean that there are indeed differences from the code target
chip and the actual chip? The frontend chip? The tuner chip?



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