[linux-dvb] Re : No EPG data

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Thu Sep 20 23:37:23 CEST 2007

On 09/20/2007 05:46:30 AM, David Frankland wrote:
> Tero Mäntyvaara wrote:
>> Hi
>> I installed recently the KnoppMyth R5F27. I have got Technotrend
>> TT-premium C-2300 cards (DVB-C). I enabled EIT (on the air EPG) for
>> DVB-driver in MythTV setup. First I searched trandponders in MythTV
>> setup. Then I fixed network IDs on MySQL database of MythTV and after
>> that I searched the channels succesfully.
>> Now I can watch TV DVB-C broadcasts and teletext pages, but I can't  
>> see
>> any EPG data in program guide of MythTV or OSD information when
>> switching channels. System has now been up about 12 h and still no  
>> EPG
>> information. I have searched information from here and from there,  
>> but
>> no luck. I live in Finland. Would someone give me some help?
> Do you have "useonairguide" set for all channels?
> You can change this in MythWeb channel setup (click all the check  
> boxes), or much easier via mysql with "update channel set  
> useonairguide=1"
> After a minute or so of idle you should see programs being added.  
> Using mysql "select count(*) from program" will quickly show you if  
> it is working.
> By the way, I am struggling with the same card. How did you search  
> for transponders in MythTV? I had to use scandvb and make a  
> channels.conf file.

Can't you just set up at least one transponder and then use scan  
channels (basically the way you would it when you use scan with an  
inital transponders list).


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