[linux-dvb] nova-t 500, again.

Henrik Beckman henrik.list at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 09:51:06 CEST 2007


I´m running (x86_64)

I upgraded the kernel  2007-07-16 and haven´t had a disconnect since, until
I have been running the kernel source drivers until 2007-09-05 when I
upgraded to the lates HG and the dvb-usb-dib0700-03-pre1.fw
firmware. Suffering the disconnects on the 20 I upgraded firmware to
dvb-usb-dib0700-1.10.fw  but suffered to disconnects again the 21.

Nothing has changed in the system the days prior to the disconnects, here is
what has changed lately.

Fall is here, colder and wetter outside, reception may have been changed.
Slightly more uptime on the machine, instead off just waking up and
recording it might have been on a few hours and running playbacks or
just sitting there instead of just waking up and recording.

I realy thought I had this problem behind me, is there any dual dvb-t card
for pci or pci-e that is flawless in linux?

Sep 21 21:20:12 media -- MARK --
Sep 21 21:40:12 media -- MARK --
Sep 21 22:00:12 media -- MARK --
Sep 21 22:20:13 media -- MARK --
Sep 21 22:40:13 media -- MARK --
Sep 21 22:59:13 media kernel: [ 9272.837486] usb 3-1: USB disconnect,
address 2
Sep 21 22:59:13 media kernel: [ 9272.838165] mt2060 I2C write failed
Sep 21 22:59:13 media kernel: [ 9272.846396] hald-addon-keyb[5204] general
protection rip:2ad4e99c221b rsp:7fffc17cbf70 error:0

Mythlog is ugly, but points at it being reception based.

I have _a lot_ of
[mpeg2video @ 0x2b331f003fd0]00 motion_type at 10 23
[mpeg2video @ 0x2b331f003fd0]ac-tex damaged at 5 9
[mpeg2video @ 0x2b331f003fd0]ac-tex damaged at 41 35
[mpeg2video @ 0x2b331f003fd0]00 motion_type at 5 2
[mpeg2video @ 0x2b331f003fd0]ac-tex damaged at 0 0

That hasn´t occured earlier in the log it records two channels for ~30
minutes before disconnecting, I strongly suspect that recording on both
tuners paired with bad reception? has triggered the disconnects.

So what´s more needed in the logs?

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