[linux-dvb] tzap output concerns

Dan Harper dan at danharper.org
Mon Sep 24 07:58:33 CEST 2007

On 24/09/2007, at 3:37 PM, Chun Chung LO wrote:
> Yes, a cold boot may be needed to reload the firmware as the old
> firmware is still in the Demod chip's NVRAM if the card's power not
> cycled.

Yeah, I realise that this is the case, maybe I wasn't too clear on  
what happened:

1. Upgraded firmware
2. Noticed problems
3. Cold boot to rollback firmware
4. Looks good
5. A different problem appears
6. Cold boot to fix different problem
7. Noticing problems from step 2!  (but I've rolled back!?!)


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