[linux-dvb] AF901x

Jussi Larjo larjo at saunalahti.fi
Mon Sep 24 20:00:18 CEST 2007

Manu & others,

I have Pinnacle Dazzle 71e with AF9015, but I have no idea about the tuner. The tuner chip is covered with a sticky label that is hard to remove.

I can compile and install the driver with no errors, but nothing seems to happen, DVB devices are not generated. I suppose I need a firmware to continue, but don't know where to look. I have a win driver disk, but nothing on it looks like bare firmware code.

Using Kubuntu Feisty as my distro. Please help me to test this driver.


> You would have an oops most probably, since the MT2060 tuner being not
> attached.
> Currently, the MT2060 tuner is not attached. To play with it a bit more,
> attach the MT2060 tuner in the place of the tuner attach, where the
> MC44S80x tuner is getting attached, to play with it a bit more.
> Manu

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