[linux-dvb] [scan patch] do not set ca field to 1 for vdr

Christoph Pfister christophpfister at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 16:33:48 CEST 2007

Can somebody "offical" from vdr confirm this patch (sorry, I don't know the 
who's-who there)?

Because only vdr output format is affected and I don't think people use that 
format for other purposes than vdr, I don't see any reason against applying 
it (the actual changes are vdr's beer, not mine :)


Am Samstag 22 September 2007 schrieb Anssi Hannula:
> Since VDR 1.3 series (released about 3-5 years ago I think), VDR updates
> the ca field of channels.conf entry automatically. However, value "1"
> has a special meaning to VDR. It will force the use of DVB card 1 to
> receive the channel, and will not update the ca field to its proper value.
> However, scan defaults to setting ca value to 1 on encrypted channels,
> which does not make sense.
> The attached patch adds a new default value "-1" to "-x" parameter and
> sets vdr default version to "3" instead of the now obsolete "2". With
> the new value "-1" scan will set ca field of all channels to "0" and let
> VDR update the field properly.

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