[linux-dvb] DVB API update

rjkm rjkm at metzlerbros.de
Sat Sep 29 18:37:39 CEST 2007

> " In 1998 the Technotrend GmbH develops the still very popular PC DVB
> card with a full-
> featured STB processor on it. In 1999 Siemens produces a card based on
> the Technotrend
> design"
> However, Manu recounts, and other things that I have seen written
> collaborate with his recollection, that it was Siemens who were the
> original FF card designer.  Apparently, although it was the TechnoTrend
> produced model that stepped into the spotlight (read: became very
> popular), the TT card itself was based upon the Siemens design, and,
> hence, it was the Siemens that truly was "the mother of all FF cards".  
> If I'm not mistaken SNI (Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG; the
> actual Siemens division responsible for the card) continued to produce
> their own model through 1999, until at which time SNI was split from its
> parent company and parts of which (SNI) were used to form the
> Fujitsui-Siemens joint venture.

AFAIR, this is correct. 
I also remember that the firmware was first done by Siemens.
Technotrend added their own stuff but e.g. did not give back the
DiSEqC code to Siemens. So, the code we got from Siemens did not
include this and we had to add our own code for this.

> I also have a couple of questions related to the continuing part of the
> same above statement:
> "In 1999 Siemens produces a card .... and supports the development of
> the ,Ao,(Brst Linux driver as a diploma thesis".
> Q1 - Did Siemens financially or otherwise (ie. supplying documentation
> or other intellectual knowledge) support/sponsor the development of the
> first Linux DVB driver?   Or am I misinterpreting the above ... perhaps
> what was meant to be implied by the statement was more simply that:  it
> was the Siemens card upon which the first Linux DVB driver was based ?

Well, they at least got documentation and Windows driver sources.

> Q2 - For whom was this driver development the basis of a diploma thesis? 

It was Christian Theiss.

> I don't think it was for Ralph's PhD  ?  As far as Manu could recall,
> and find, Ralph had already completed has dissertation and earned his
> doctorate (Aug 99) prior to engagement with Convergence (Oct 99). 
> Additionally, in the Metzler brothers' Linux DVB API  V3 documentation,
> Ch 1 (S1.2), they only write:

Correct, my doctorate (theoretical Physics) had nothing to do with

I did however independently write another DVB driver during summer of 1999. It was
for the Skyvision card from KISS. But this card was not very popular.
It consisted of a PCI card with a decoder (even CSS hardware for DVD)
and a seperate tuner card which was connected (I2C and TS) to the decoder card.


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