[linux-dvb] DiB0700 device report

Jonas Anden jonas at anden.nu
Sun Sep 30 12:02:42 CEST 2007

> Can I ask you a few questions about the TD stick,
> 1. How is reception compared to the nova-t 500

I think it is pretty similar, though I don't have any exact numbers to
give you at this time. I'm going to do an overhaul of my cabling (with a
better quality amplifier and splitter); I've got a small aerial antenna
which is partially blocked by trees that feeds my four inputs and the
current splitters and amplifier are pretty tacky, so any differences in
reception is likely to be more dependent on the cabling than the tuners.
I'll try to get back with better numbers when I have better surrounding

That being said, depending on which multiplex I tune to I have very
varying reception on the Nova-T 500. My reception on mux 1 (with SVT
channels) is usually between 70-80% according to MythTV (with the
internal LNA enabled), while mux 5 (with the local channels) is varying
from 40 to 60%.

> 2. What firmware do you use for it

I now use the 1.10 firmware. Using the 03-pre1 firmware I had similar
problems to yours; dvbscan found plenty of channels but MythTV failed to
get a lock.

  // J

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