[linux-dvb] AF9015 - unknown tuner 30

Lee Essen lee.essen at nowonline.co.uk
Thu Apr 3 13:15:48 CEST 2008


I've been experimenting with a very low-cost dual DVB-T tuner  
(annoyingly I've thrown the packaging away now, but I think it was  
branded as a Twinhan device, from Maplin (in the UK) on special at  
only £29 which interestingly doesn't appear on their web site  
anymore), the device itself and the installation guide is completely  

The product is described on the Twinhan site, although my one is white  
with no markings, but otherwise the same. Interestingly this page  
isn't linked from the menu on the left, so I'm not sure if this is  
"new" or "discontinued" or what!!!    http://www.twinhan.com/product_AD-TU700 

It's USB id's are 13D3:3237 and manufacturer is shown as Afatech. The  
windows driver .ini file suggests that the device is a UDTT704J. (704J  
seems to match Twinhan's product details as well and is on the label  
on the back of my device.)

 From digging around a bit (including some of the af9015 drivers on  
this site) it looks like this is a af9015 based device and I can get  
it to initialise (albeit with a number of errors), the most  
interesting is the following:

[290181.920088] af9015_get_biu_config: Tuner type = 0x1E
[290181.920128] af9015_get_biu_config: Unknown tuner 30, please report

So hopefully this means something to you guys -- I have dismantled the  
device and the IC's (do you still call them that? :-)) are covered by  
a soldered on RF screen/heatsink ... I'm happy to remove this in the  
name of science if needed.

I have had a dig around the provided Windows drivers with good old  
'strings' and it looks like their driver supports the following  
tuners: QT1010, MXL5003D, MXL5005D/R, TDA18271, MT2060 and (I'm  
guessing) FS803a.

I'm very happy to help in whatever way I can with this as I'd love to  
get this device working.



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