[linux-dvb] dvbstream for DVB-S2?

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi at poste.it
Sat Apr 5 09:54:28 CEST 2008

Il Saturday 05 April 2008 09:51:21 Igor ha scritto:
> > Has anyone got a working patch for dvbstream using multiproto and DVB-S2?
> it's seems there's not any multiproto's patch for dvbstream
> Igor

indeed, and there isn't for a very good reason: with all the
flames going on here (sorry guys but this list is the most litigious
I've ever seen in many years) I don't understand if multiproto is or
isn't the future for linux-dvb API, not because I have anything against it.
Also, where is the official (if any) multiproto tree?

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