[linux-dvb] Implementing support for multi-channel

Ben Backx ben at bbackx.com
Sat Apr 5 22:05:50 CEST 2008

> The way I see it, but I think it might depend on the card as well, is
> that the driver in the kernel
> always receives the whole TS and then does a software filter which you
> can trigger via DMX_SET_PES_FILTER.

Still trying to figure things out...
I just can't seem to find out where exactly things are happening.
I've been looking at some dvb-code, and when it comes to setting
PES-filters, this always is done by using an ioctl-call (eg: ioctl(fd,
DMX_SET_PES_FILTER, &pesFilterParams)), I'm unsure what this means...
Aren't ioctl-calls ment to be handled in hardware? This would mean that the
filtering used by eg. dvbstream is already done in hardware... Or am I
missing something?


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