[linux-dvb] WinTV-NOVA-TD & low power muxes

Greg Thomas Greg at TheThomasHome.co.uk
Sun Apr 6 17:40:54 CEST 2008

On 06/04/2008, Patrick Boettcher <patrick.boettcher at desy.de> wrote:
[Re-arranged to reflect the order I tried it in, and resent to the list]
> Hi Greg,
>  There have been some updates some time ago to improve the sensitivity. Can
> you try a more recent driver (v4l-dvb from hg or 2.6.25).

I tried the latest drivers from http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb; a
couple of compile time warnings I'm sure you're aware of;

include/asm/io_32.h: In function 'memcpy_fromio':
include/asm/io_32.h:211: warning: passing argument 2 of '__memcpy'
discards qualifiers from pointer target type

and similar, but other than that, compiled and installed OK. However,
this made no difference to the channels it could find.

>  Do you have the possibility to try the device with the Hauppauge Windows
> driver?
>  The linux driver is maybe not configuring the device optimally, because it
> is more generic, whereas the manufacturer's driver is specifically for this
> particular device.

After trying the latest drivers, I had a go under Windows; exactly the
same set of channels. I just guess the Nova-TD isn't that sensitive. I
may just have to look at boosting my signal, somehow :(

Thanks for the help,


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