[linux-dvb] Help: how to submit patches to dvb-core.

Andrea mariofutire at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 9 09:43:38 CEST 2008


I've got 2 patches for dvb-core: bug fix for DMX_SET_BUFFER_SIZE for dvb and
implementation of the same ioctl for the dvr.

I've already sent those patches a few times with very little feedback.
I have not understood who is the maintainer of the common code in dvb-core.
Could someone please let me know if I am wasting my time and the patches are not good or irrelevant.

Here is (again) a brief description of the patches and where to find them.

1) Patch number 1 is to fix a bug when shrinking the demux buffer. This bug causes the kernel to
crash completely


2) The second patch is about the implementation of the ioctl DMX_SET_BUFFER_SIZE for the dvr.
The ioctl call is currently available but not implemented.
Currently the default is 192522 which lasts only about 1 sec when saving the whole TS.


I look forward to receiving some feedback.


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