[linux-dvb] My USB-TV

Kalevi Hautaniemi oh3fg at sral.fi
Wed Apr 9 17:32:25 CEST 2008

I'm facin trouble with my USB-TV (Artec T14br) and I do not know if I 
can do something myself with warning (in /var/log/messages) like this:

Apr  9 14:31:25 keljukko kernel: **WARNING** I2C adapter driver [DiBX000
tuner I2C bus] forgot to specify physical device; fix it!

All seems to be ok, but kaffeine does not know a thing about my TV
-stick. Not even 'DVB' -button in startup screen. Kernel version of my 
system is 2.6.20.

/Kallu                      < oh3fg at sral fi >

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