[linux-dvb] Pinnacle PCTV HD pro USB stick 801e

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Fri Apr 11 15:38:31 CEST 2008

Albert Comerma wrote:
> For the chips you list it seems to be an hybrid card, with a dibcom 
> bridge. In this case, what's more easy is to make dvb-t working (dib0700 
> + xc5000)  as you have tried. But there's no frontend which uses xc5000, 
> so a new one must be specified. In theory xc5000 is supported.... I hope 
> this helps.

Lots of frontends use the xc5005. stoth/hvr950q uses the au8522 and the 
xc5000. The cx23885 tree has concrete examples of the s5h1409 using the 
xc5000 (hvr1500q).

> Albert
> 2008/4/11 Jernej Tonejc <tonejc at math.wisc.edu 
> <mailto:tonejc at math.wisc.edu>>:
>     Hi,
>     I was wondering if anyone is working on enabling this device under
>     linux.
>     I took it apart and it contains the following chips:
>     DIBcom 0700C-XCCXa-G
>     USB 2.0 D3LTK.1
>     0804-0100-C
>     -----------------

Hmm. I haven't really used the dibcom src but I think this is already 

>     S5H1411X01-Y0
>     NOTKRSUI H0801

I have a driver for this, I hope to release it shortly.

>     -----------------
>     XCeive
>     XC5000AQ
>     BK66326.1
>     0802MYE3
>     -----------------

I did a driver for this, it's already in the kernel.

>     Cirrus
>     5340CZZ
>     0748
>     -----------------

Already exists.

>     CX25843-24Z
>     71035657
>     0742 KOREA
>     -----------------

Already exists

>     It seems that all parts should be more or less supported. I played
>     around

No, see my comment above.

Why not get involved and scratch your own itch? :)

The community could use more developers, why not roll up your sleeves 
and help solve your problem - and the problem for others? Everyone has 
to start somewhere and usually when would-be developers ask questions - 
everyone is willing to help.



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