[linux-dvb] TT-Budget C-1501

Stephen Dawkins elfarto at elfarto.com
Sat Apr 12 19:58:59 CEST 2008


I've recently purchased a Technotrend C-1501 card and I've been trying
to get it to work under Linux.

I'm not entirely sure what's needed to get it working. I've added the
following code to drivers/media/dvb/ttpci/budget.c:

in frontend_init:
   case 0x101a: // TT Budget-C-1501 (philips tda10023/philips tda8274A)
       budget->dvb_frontend = dvb_attach(tda10023_attach,
&tda1002x_config, &budget->i2c_adap, read_pwm(budget));
       if (budget->dvb_frontend) {
          if (dvb_attach(tda827x_attach, budget->dvb_frontend, 0x0e,
&budget->i2c_adap, 0) == NULL)
             printk("%s: No tda827x found!\n", __FUNCTION__);

and the relevant MAKE_BUDGET_INFO and MAKE_EXTENTION_PCI entries. I'm
not entirely sure, but I think the demodulator is on 0x0c on the i2c bus
and the tuner is on 0x0e, is there a way of confirming this?

When I modprobe budget, I get the follow:

saa7146: register extension 'budget dvb'.
ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:00:08.0[A] -> GSI 16 (level, low) -> IRQ 17
saa7146: found saa7146 @ mem f8de2000 (revision 1, irq 17) (0x13c2,0x101a).
budget: budget_attach(): dev:f7281580, info:f8df5c20, budget:f7173000
budget_core: ttpci_budget_init(): dev: f7281580, budget: f7173000
budget_core: ttpci_budget_init(): saa7146 (0): buffer type = single,
width = 188, height = 1024
saa7146 (0): dma buffer size 192512
DVB: registering new adapter (TT-budget-C-1501)
adapter has MAC addr = 00:d0:5c:c6:4f:01
budget_core: budget_register(): budget: f7173000
DVB: registering frontend 0 (Philips TDA10023 DVB-C)...

I also get demux0, dvr0, frontend0 and net0 in /dev/dvb0.

I then do a dvbtune -f 666750000 -s 6952, and I get:

saa7146 (0) saa7146_i2c_writeout [irq]: timed out waiting for end of xfer
saa7146 (0) saa7146_i2c_writeout [irq]: timed out waiting for end of xfer

I'm not entirely sure what I need todo next to get it working, any help
will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

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