[linux-dvb] Technotrend common interfaces think my CAM is invalid

P. van Gaans w3ird_n3rd at gmx.net
Sun Apr 13 02:07:47 CEST 2008

On 04/08/2008 10:28 PM, Morgan Tørvolt wrote:
>> Knoppix didn't want to start (couldn't read the CD, not sure why, maybe
>>  too old), but I found a Ubuntu 7.04 live/install CD. Started with that,
>>  no difference. I did find something else: I've got three different
>>  lenghts CI cables. One approx. 60cm, a few others approx. 40cm and some
>>  approx. 4cm. With 60cm, both the offical Mediaguard CAM and Xcam won't
>>  initialize. With 40cm, the Xcam still won't and the Mediaguard will init
>>  about 50% of the time. With 4cm, both Xcam and Mediaguard will always
>>  init. But it still doesn't work properly, even with the 4cm cable I
>>  couldn't get a picture with the Mediaguard, and I had a picture for
>>  about half a minute with the Xcam after which Kaffeine would freeze.
> Not surprising. Many of the CAMs are really picky about timing and signalling.
> The Conax 4.00 cam works every time for me. What I suggest is that you
> try the patch I have linked to from
> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TechnoTrend_TT-budget_S-1500#CAM_tests
> Which is this:
> http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2007-July/019116.html
> There is some manual labour to get this patch working, but once done,
> all the CAMs I have initializes perfectly. I have no idea if the
> cable-length affects the process less after the patching, but it sure
> helps on initializing the CAMs I have.
>>  I'm not sure if it's a driver problem, all I know is that this started
>>  right after installing a new v4l-dvb a few weeks ago. The problem seems
>>  to have no cause:
>>  Not the DVB-card, as the S2-3200 had the same problem.
>>  Not the CI cable, tried many different cables and I don't believe they
>>  are all broken the same way.
>>  Not the CI-daughterboard, I even bought new ones with no result.
>>  Not the current v4l-dvb loaded, because a Ubuntu 7.04 live CD (kernel
>>  2.6.20 iirc) has the same result now.
>>  Not the computer, because the setup didn't work in another computer either.
>>  Not the CAM, all CAMs work fine in a Vantage standalone.
>>  And note I have used this setup, S-1500+CI+long cable+Xcam for months
>>  without any problems.
> You said you changed your powersupply. To a more powerful one? Some
> PSUs does give away troublesome noise, especially when heavily loaded.
> Also, some powerful PSUs have much of the power on wrong voltages, or
> spread across different cables, so that you might actually be pushing
> the PSU to it's limits on one circuit, while swapping some power
> cables would solve the whole issue.
> BTW, the CI daughterboard is very simple, like in _very_ simple. It is
> very unlikely that this will break. If something is broken with CI, it
> would probably be the cable or the tuner-card.
> -Morgan-

Yeah, more power! Another computer (AMD Geode NX1750 and a laptop 
harddrive, the 480W Antec is very very bored) gives the same result. My 
regular computer was turned off when I tested that. The patch made no 
difference whatsoever. The Xcam is actually not picky at all, it is well 
  known for working in pretty much any receiver - and it does. For 
example, KNC1 CI's are quite picky but the Xcam has no problems with 
that. Even the Matrix Reborn won't run in a KNC1, yet the Xcam does.

I installed the card on Windows to test a bit. I also noted the CI works 
better on Linux when I fold the CI cable in tinfoil. Here's an overview 
of some tests:

*Windows, unshielded 40cm cable:
Xcam sometimes takes a while to init, but works on all tested channels 
after that (including RTL4 and RTL5).
Matrix Reborn: similar result.

*Linux, v4l-dvb from hg april 12, 40cm cable in tinfoil:
Xcam does init and works. But RTL4, RTL5 
(http://nl.kingofsat.net/pack-canaldigitaal.php) give only sound. The 
videoPID is correct and I did a rescan. Audio is gone if I remove the 
CAM, so it is encrypted.
Matrix similar result, no picture on RTL4 and RTL5 here either, but 
apart from that it seems to work.

*Linux, v4l-dvb from hg april 12, unshielded 40cm cable:
Xcam does not init anymore. Not at all. Just "Invalid PC card inserted :(".
Matrix Reborn does init, but init fails sometimes as well. When it does 
init, I can watch most channels.. But not RTL4 or RTL5 (only sound).
SCM Conax 4.00e: init sometimes, but can't even get into the menu. Don't 
have a Conax subscription card right now.

RTL4 and RTL5 do work on Windows or a standalone receiver with CI. I 
also tried to disable all the power in the house and did a test with 
UPS, but the Xcam still would not init with the unshielded cable. So no 
electrical devices in the house went bad. The UPS or display are not the 
source either, tried unplugging them. And a S-1500, T-1500 and S2-3200 
are all doing the same thing. I've also got a Aston 1.05 and official 
Mediaguard CAM to test if required.


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