[linux-dvb] Mantis 2033 change tuner

Bas v.d. Wiel bas at kompasmedia.nl
Mon Apr 14 22:50:28 CEST 2008

Hello all,
As I got no response to my question about changing tuner chips on Mantis
cards (I have one with chip ID 0x7d which I read about earlier), I started
experimenting with the sources from jusst.de. I changed mantis_dvb.c in a
crude way by simply copying the contents of a case statement for a Mantis
2040 to the one for the 2033 and commenting out the original 2033 block
that loads the tda10021.

To my surprise this compiled without any trouble and everything gets loaded
and recognized without error upon next bootup, including the tda10023.
However, as I expected, something crashes in a very bad way when I actually
try to use the tuner with dvb-scan. Am I doing something wrong? Or is my
card simply not supported (yet) by the mantis driver (too new maybe)?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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