[linux-dvb] TT-Budget C-1501

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Thu Apr 17 22:15:30 CEST 2008


Sorry folks, i did not immedeately notice that you asked me...

Stephen Dawkins schrieb:
> Hi
>> Hi,
>> I have also added support for this card based on the little change you
>> showed here and some looking around in other drivers. I have gotten
>> information from technotrend that the proper i2c address for the tuner
>> is 0x61 (or 0xc2 as these adresses sometimes appear shifted for some
>> reason). With this address and the tuner driver loaded in debug mode I
>> seem to get some more response from the tuner, but still no lock.
> Yes, I notice this last night. The demod is on 0x0c (altho I was told
> 0x18, which is 0x0c shift left 1 position) and the tuner is on 0x61 (which
> is 0xc2 shift left 1 pos).
Jep, this is inconsistent all over the planet. The i2c address is 8 bits,
the read / write flag is the LSB. So it depends on whether you count this as
an address bit...

>> Now looking at the tda827x.c sources it seems this driver was
>> specifically written for dvb-t usage, and I'm uncertain wether it would
>> work out of the box for dvb-c. There are also some parts of the code I
>> don't understand, for instance the agcf callback. Harmut, do you know
>> anything more about this? The AGC2 gain value that is printed in debug
>> usually show 4 or 5 now, does this indicate a good signal or a bad
>> signal?

You should be ok with the dvb-t tuning code. An AGC2 gain value of 4 is

> This is exactly what I am getting at the moment.
>> Also there is still the occational i2c timeouts that Stephen reported.
> I'm still seeing these.
> Regards
> Stephen
>> I'm not sure wether they are caused by the tuner or the demod, but they
>> appear to come so seldom that it should be able to complete a tuning
>> cycle. Any feedback on this would be welcome as well. Maybe Oliver has
>> some suggestions how to debug this?
>> Best regards
>> Sigmund Augdal
>> ons, 16.04.2008 kl. 21.08 +0100, skrev Stephen Dawkins:
>>> Arthur Konovalov wrote:
>>>> Stephen Dawkins wrote:
>>>>>>> I'm not entirely sure what I need todo next to get it working, any
>>> help
>>>>>>> will be greatly appreciated.
>>>>>> See m920x.c or saa7134-dvb.c for drivers using tda10046 and/or
>>> tda827x.
>>>>> I will take a look at them.
>>>> Hi,
>>>> do You have progress in that direction?
>>>> I'll very concerned, because I have this card too.
>>>> Arthur
>>> Not yet I'm afraid.
>>> Regards
>>> Stephen
I did not follow the thread yet. Which channel demodulator are you talking

BTW: You need to be careful to not mix up the a- and non-a versions of
the tuner. They are *not* software compatible.

Best regards

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