[linux-dvb] High CPU load in "top" due to budget_av slot polling

Robert Schedel r.schedel at yahoo.de
Sun Apr 20 21:12:40 CEST 2008

Oliver Endriss wrote:
> Robert Schedel wrote:
>> Robert Schedel wrote:
>>> Is the 250ms timeout an approved limit? Decreasing it would push the
>>> load further down. Probably it still has to cover slow CAMs as well as a
>>> stressed PCI bus. Unfortunately, without CAM/CI I cannot make any
>>> statements myself.
>> Just got another idea to improve the code: Function 
>> "saa7146_wait_for_debi_done_sleep" could be reworked to use what is 
>> known as "truncated binary exponential backoff" algorithm. IOW, on each 
>> sleep duplicate the period from 1ms until a fixed maximum, e.g. 32ms. 
>> This way polling ends fast for those users with fast bus/CAM, and those 
>> requiring 200ms due to slow bus/CAM should not worry about e.g. 216ms 
>> response time.
>> My first tests look promising (load goes down to 0). However, is not the 
>> simple BEB algorithm already patented?
> Load should go down to 0 if the sleep call does not busy-wait.
> Please test whether the attached code fixes the problem.
> Btw, I will not claim a patent for that. :D

OK, I just took the time to make a more reliable test series (because 
load measurements varied). All nonessential system processes and modules 
were terminated before the test. Basically, only the login shell and the 
budget_av module were left. 1 minute uptime was used for measurements.

Kernel: Linux 2.6.25
HW: Athlon 64 X2 3800+, Satelco EasyWatch DVB-C (as before)

1. Original module budget_av is loaded:
Load: ~0,6-0,8

2. Module + Patch "saa7146_sleep.diff" (1ms/10ms polling intervals in 
debi_done function):
Load: ~0,6-0,8 (same as in 1., no difference visible)

3. Module + Patch "incr-empty-ca-slot-poll-" (5s polling 
timer on slot state EMPTY):
Load: Decays to 0,02, but after about 105s always a spike to 0,10, then 
again decays to 0,02, and so on

4. Module + Patch "incr-empty-ca-slot-poll" + "saa7146_sleep.diff":
Same as 3.

5. Module + Patch "incr-empty-ca-slot-poll" + "binary exponential backoff":
Same as 3.

6. Module budget_av is unloaded:
Load constantly stays at 0, no spikes

Bottomline for me:
- Increasing the poll timer from 100ms, e.g. to 5s, makes sense. 
Changing the polling intervals in the debi_done function, however, makes 
no difference (unlike my previous assumption which was caused by the 
ugly variations).
- There seems to be a spike in the CPU load, each ~105s, but only when 
budget_av is loaded. I cannot explain it (maybe some frontend background 
functions), but it is no issue for me.


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