[linux-dvb] Pinnacle PCTV Sat HDTV Pro USB (PCTV452e) and TT-Connect-S2-3600 final version (RC-keymap)

Dominik Kuhlen dkuhlen at gmx.net
Sun Apr 20 22:15:14 CEST 2008

On Sunday 20 April 2008, Faruk A wrote:
> >  Could you please try to change line 1547 in stb0899_algo.c to:
> >
> >  offsetfreq = ((((offsetfreq / 1024) * 1000) / (1<<7)) * (s32)(internal->master_clk/1000000)) / (s32)(1<<13);
> >
> >  this should use only 32bit ops and not over/underflow for the expected ranges ;)
> >
> >
> >   Dominik
> It works, with this new changes i had no problem loading the drivers.
> One more thing i did some testing with vdr and dvbs2 it looks like it
> locks in exactly after 1 minute
> but no video or audio vdr just displays no signal. I don't know if is
> the vdrs fault or the drivers
> anyway i have attached a small log. (no attachment rejected by
> moderator, I've sent copy of this mail to Dominik with attachment.
> Tried pastebin too didn't help)
Hmm, i have received your log file (its 3MB, you could try to bzip2 it before attaching.
usually log files compress well)
The log starts at 19:51:19 with opening the device.
but it looks like delivery system is set to DVB-S not DVB-S2
frequency and symbolrate would match the astra-hd channel (1314MHz and 27500kSym/s).
then at 19:52:20 the frontend parameter were changed to 1479MHz and 24500kSym/s
not sure what triggered the retuning. 
after 5 seconds the FE locks, which is surprising since the symbolrate is not correct.

> The dvb-s2 channel is ASTRA HD+ on ASTRA 19E
> vdr version is 1.6.0 with Reinhard Nissl's DVB-S2 + H.264 patch
hmm, I'm not familiar with vdr but afaik this should be ok.

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