[linux-dvb] TT-Budget C-1501

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Tue Apr 22 17:34:13 CEST 2008

Sigmund Augdal schrieb:
> tor, 17.04.2008 kl. 23.31 +0200, skrev Hartmut Hackmann:
> <snip>
>> Do you have a datasheet of the tda10023? From the first glance, i have the
>> impression that it was only used with a conventional tuner yet. With the
>> silicon tuner, the chip needs to be programmed to use a different IF. We
>> beed to find out how this is done.
> I don't have any datasheet. I tried playing around with some of the
> values in the init-tab, and they do affect the signal levels (signal and
> snr) reported, but I haven't managed to find something that does give a
> lock. There is also a if_freq variable in the current driver sources
> that does not seem to be passed to the chip directly but is used in some
> computations. In the current driver this value is selected based on
> channel bandwidth (being only used for dvb-t this far). I've tried with
> several values for this (8MHz, 0MHz, 4MHz and the currently used 5MHz
> for 8MHz bandwidth channels).
> Birr: Do you have any info on this, as you seem to be the last developer
> working on that demod?

I don't own the datasheet of the TDA10023. I think you must read the configuration of the 
TDA10023 from windows. This can be done with this program 
(http://linuxtv.org/downloads/saa7146dump-0.2.zip). If it is necessary to monitor the 
initialization of the tuner chip, you must use an i2c-monitor. I developed a cheap monitor 
(http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?postid=639818#post639818). The costs of the 
parts are less then 10€. To build such a monitor, you should know what a soldering-iron is.

-Hartmut Birr

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