[linux-dvb] Hauppauge Nova-TD trouble: still or again?

Luca Ingianni luca.i at gmx.net
Thu Apr 24 18:05:13 CEST 2008

Am Donnerstag 24 April 2008 07:32:07 schrieben Sie:
> Il giorno ven, 18/04/2008 alle 19.39 +0200, Luca Ingianni ha scritto:

> Hi, as fas as I understood reading the list your problem shouldn't be
> fixed. You have to distinguish the usb disconnect problem that affected
> generic dib0700 (mainly nova-t) devices which has been fixed, and the
> nova td500 issue that happens when using both tuners with sb600
> southbridge. Afaict this is a sb600 hardware issue and it affects both
> linux and windows users so I doubt it's driver related, i'm not sure but
> i think i remember it affects other usb devices too with that chipset.

Filippo, thanks for your reply even though it wasn't quite what I was hoping 
to hear :( 

But as can be read in
Hauppauge have released a new Windows driver which apparently fixes this 
problem. So it is solveable in software. I'm not quite sure whether this is a 
dib0700 or a generic-usb-driver problem.

Do you know wheter anyone is working on this?

Have fun,

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