[linux-dvb] [PATCH 0/2] mxl500x: debug module param and checkpatch.pl compliance

Andy Walls awalls at radix.net
Sun Apr 27 02:05:11 CEST 2008

In the next two messages are a patch set for the mxl500x module that the
cx18 module uses for ATSC/DVB on the HVR-1600.

Patch 1/2: Control mxl500x module logging with "debug" module parameter
Patch 2/2: checkpatch.pl compliance for mxl500x

Patch 1/2 is the patch I submitted a few days ago, with absolutely no
changes.  I include it here because Patch 2/2 that implements
checkpatch.pl compliance depends on it.

My hope here is to get the cx18 driver closer to inclusion in the
kernel, by helping the mxl500x driver get closer to inclusion in the

Andy Walls

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