[linux-dvb] Leadtek Winfast PxDVR 3200 H

stev391 at email.com stev391 at email.com
Sun Aug 3 05:01:18 CEST 2008


Don't worry about opening the shielded area, I have opened mine enough to
read the details on the chip, but not enough to take a photo easily.

The chip in it is exactly the same as my DViCO Dual Express, with the
same components around it, so the settings I have used for that should
work with this one.



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Hi Jon,

I just added some photos to the wiki that I took of my 3200 about a 
month ago, it's just some close ups of the chips.  I forgot all about 
them until you posted this message, figured I should probably pull my 
finger out and upload them.

I haven't taken the shielding off the card, I can only assume there 
is a tuner in there, I will crack it open on of these days and take 
note (and photos) of what is inside.


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