[linux-dvb] dvbstream compile on the on fedora 2.6.25 x86_64

Michael J. Curtis michael.curtis at glcweb.co.uk
Sun Aug 3 20:51:00 CEST 2008

Hi Nico

I seem to remember your name coming up during my searching, am I correct in thinking that you are one of the maintainers?

Can you please supply a link to the CVS repo?


Mike Curtis

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Il giorno dom, 03/08/2008 alle 18.12 +0100, Michael J. Curtis ha
> Hi all
> Can anyone help me in tracking down a copy of dvbstream for the above
> distro or that will compile for x86_64
> The only source file I have been able to track down is the SourcForge
> edition that is v0.5 (2004) and will not compile on my 64 bit CPU
> RPM’s from other distro’s will complain of missing dependencies’ that
> would appear to be distro specific

use a fresh cvs checkout  instead

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