[linux-dvb] TerraTec Cinergy C DVB-C / Twinhan AD-CP400 (VP-2040) & mantis driver

Mika Båtsman mika.batsman at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 10:41:41 CEST 2008

Marko Ristola wrote:
> Mika Båtsman kirjoitti:
>> Hi,
>> I also tried your patch because I've had freezes since I got these 
>> cards. Unfortunately it didn't help me. Got a whooping 5min uptime 
>> before it all went wrong again. I have 2x Cinergy C + 2.6.24-19 + vdr 
>> 1.6.
> Do you have a heat problem? Have you checked your motherboard sensors?
> Have you checked that your memory is okay? Air flows easilly?

Memory was the first thing I suspected but memtest went through 10+ 
times without a fail. Heat shouldn't be a problem either. There's a big 
efficient, noisy fan in the back of the case.

The machine works fine when dvb is watched with dvbyell 
http://www.dvbyell.org/ which has cards set to fixed frequency ie. card1 
-> 152Mhz and card2 -> 290Mhz. At least for me the problem occurs only 
with apps like mythtv and vdr which change the frequency of the tuner.


>> I did:
>> hg clone http://jusst.de/hg/mantis
>> replaced mantis_dma.c with the one you attached, renamed 
>> make && make install && reboot
>> Am I missing something? It seemed to compile and install fine.
>> You said that the mantis_dma.c in jusst.de mantis head is not the 
>> latest version. Where can it be found then?
> I have my own driver version which I have given for Finnish people for 
> easy installation with remote control support for Twinhan 2033.
> (Personally I'm not pleased with the card: now after some years of 
> development the card works well enough for me finally).
> So the most important feature of my driver for Finnish people has been 
> the easy compile and install and that the driver ("release") is tested 
> for Twinhan 2033.
> Secondly I have given for some Finnish people the Twinhan 2033 remote 
> control support included.
> Maybe somebody from Finland would be interested with the DMA transfer 
> fixes, if they have unsolved quality problems. That's a fact that those 
> tweaks helped me although the root cause is a bit uncertain. Other 
> features of my driver version like suspend/resume aren't very important.
> Regards,
> Marko Ristola
>> Regards,
>> Mika Båtsman
>> Marko Ristola wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Unfortunately I have been busy.
>>> The patch you tried was against jusst.de Mantis Mercurial branch head.
>>> Your version of mantis_dma.c is not the latest version and thus the 
>>> patch didn't
>>> apply cleanly.
>>> Here is the version that I use currently. It doesn't compile straight 
>>> against jusst.de/mantis head.
>>> It might work for you because MANTIS_GPIF_RDWRN is not renamed as 
>>> If it doesn't compile please rename MANTIS_GPIF_RDWRN occurrences 
>>> into MANTIS_GPIF_HIFRDWRN on that file.
>>> Otherwise the file should work as it is.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Marko Ristola
>>> Leif Oberste-Berghaus kirjoitti:
>>>> Hi Marko,
>>>> I tried to patch the driver but I'm getting an error message:
>>>> root at mediapc:/usr/local/src/test/mantis-0b04be0c088a# patch -p1 < 
>>>> mantis_dma.c.aligned_dma_trs.patch
>>>> patching file linux/drivers/media/dvb/mantis/mantis_dma.c
>>>> patch: **** malformed patch at line 22: int mantis_dma_exit(struct 
>>>> mantis_pci *mantis)
>>>> Any ideas?
>>>> Regards
>>>> Leif
>>>> Am 14.07.2008 um 22:05 schrieb Marko Ristola:
>>>>> Hi Leif,
>>>>> Here is a patch that implements the mentioned DMA transfer 
>>>>> improvements.
>>>>> I hope that these contain also the needed fix for you.
>>>>> You can apply it into jusst.de/mantis Mercurial branch.
>>>>> It modifies linux/drivers/media/dvb/mantis/mantis_dma.c only.
>>>>> I have compiled the patch against
>>>>> cd mantis
>>>>> patch -p1 < mantis_dma.c.aligned_dma_trs.patch
>>>>> Please tell us whether my patch helps you or not: if it helps, some 
>>>>> of my patch might get into jusst.de as
>>>>> a fix for your problem.
>>>>> Best Regards,
>>>>> Marko
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