[linux-dvb] Anybody here would know how to fix the locking problem for TT-3200???

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 6 21:38:52 CEST 2008

	Hi all,
once more I am throwing this bottle to the electronic sea ;-)
I am using multiproto-plus with a TT-3200. I am able to lock and get 
good enough reception with 4 dvb-s transponders (srate is 30MS, FEC 
3/4, vertical polarisation, freq are: 11093, 11555, 11635, 11675) with 
a basic dish+universal LNB. Another dvb-s transponder is emitting on 
11495 with 30MS, FEC 5/6 and I can't lock on this one (used mythtv, 
simpletune, szap2).
I can try patches, I can gather data using a prog you would direct me 
to, well whatever is needed to debug this.
Hope someone can help,

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