[linux-dvb] CX23885 based AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid Express Slim tv card

stev391 at email.com stev391 at email.com
Wed Aug 6 23:49:40 CEST 2008

I just had a quick look in the .inf file that is installed 

by the drivers from Avermedia.

It appears that your card uses a TDA18271 tuner.  I'm not 
sure what demod it is using though, just thought this might 
help you a bit.

Maybe you could try using one of the cards already in the 
cx23885 driver, some of these are using this tuner...

As Steve said the best way to find out what is in the tuner 
is to physically open the case and identify all chips and 
related devices.

Maybe perform an i2cdetect on the three i2c interfaces of 
the cx23885 and include this on the wiki page (if there 
isn't a wiki page create it and include your regspy logs, 
photos and key components, link to product page, etc)

Good luck.


rvf16 wrote:
> Thanks for the reply but how am i going to do all these?
> Are there any howtos for identifying tuner and demodulator?
> Where do i find the patches to add support for my device?
> Submit my patches? what do you mean? After reading several mails in 
> this mailing list i did the regspy task but now i am completely 
> blind .
> Thank you.
>> Start by identifying the tuner and demodulator, then patch the 
>> cx23885 tree - adding support for these devices - and submit your 
>> patches here for review.

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