[linux-dvb] help with dvbstream network streaming

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi at poste.it
Thu Aug 7 15:11:34 CEST 2008

On Thursday 07 August 2008 14:51:46 Jody Gugelhupf wrote:
> Hi people,
> I have a dvb-s card, I got it working finally in ubuntu :) (more
> information about my hardware at the end of the mail, in case it is
> needed). I have been looking around for a good dvbstream tutorial,
> but haven't really found one, also the man page does not seem to be
> complete. I would like to stream from my some the machine with the
> dvb-s card to clients in the network and maybe also on the
> internet.
> I don't get how to specify the command I have tried several things,
> e.g.: dvbstream -f 11567 -p v -s 22000 -D 0 -i -r 1237
> -f is the frequency in what? hz, mhz, ghz??

Mhz (it's a bit more tolerant than that, but always yse Mhz)

> -p polarization, ok that's clear either horizontal or vertical
> -s symbolrate also not clear on that,


> -D inidcated which LNB to use, no problem here

-D 0 means nothing: 1..4 or A or B

> -i to what ip to send the stream?
> -r the port on to send the stream

use -net ip:port instead

> and what about 22khz tone how can i specify in dvbstream to turn it
> on or off

it's generated according to diseqc, frequency and polarization

> Here what I get when I execute the command above:
> dvbstream -f 11567 -p v -s 22000 -D 0

and what pids or programs?

> dvbstream v0.6 - (C) Dave Chapman 2001-2004

old, use an fresh cvs checkout

> Why isn't it able to lock to the signal? I can watch the station on
> kaffeine or mplayer or xine...

you didn't tell dvbstream what to do

> I also don't understand the channels.conf file syntax completly, if
> someon could explain that as well, e.g.:
> ARTE:11567:v:1:22000:167:136:9019     (same as the dvbstream
> command above)
> channelname:frequency:polarization:???:symbolrate:???:???:????
> I guess one is for the audio pid and one for video pid, but which
> ones and what about the other 2 remaining entries?


> Also can I stream just one channel or more at the same time?

as many as you stream, see at the bottom

> And I was wondering about my CI module, it is connected to the
> dvb-s card, can I check somehow that it is recognized and working?
> I don't have yet a cam or card...

there's no support for decryption in dvbstream

> OK that's it would be happy about some help or pointers to some
> tutorials or something, thx in advance,
> from here on it's just hardware info about my machine...
> thx jody :)

dvbstream -f 11800 -p V -s 22500 -udp -net 0 512 
650 -prog -net TV1 TV2 -net TV1 TV3 

and so on. In short, you can select the streams to transmit by name or
by pid and mix them as you want, eventually repeated

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