[linux-dvb] hauppauge HVR 900H

Rainmaker rainmaker at icgag.it
Tue Aug 12 10:03:31 CEST 2008

On Fri, 01 Aug 2008 12:21:27 +0200, Eddi De Pieri wrote:

> Since the mercurial repository seems to not be so updated, if available,
> can you post here an "unofficial" patch with latest changes?
> Thanks a lot!
> Regards,
> Eddi

I add myself to the same request as well... I'm one of those unfortunate 
folks who thought they were buying a HVR900, just to find themselves 
stuck with a 900H (as as far as I've understood, I'm not alone!)

An initial unofficial patch to mess around with would be really nice: I'd 
do all my best to help evaluate it, since I've currently a couple of 
weeks of holiday from work and so time to dedicate to it.


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