[linux-dvb] FusionHDTV5 IR not working.

Paul Marks paul at pmarks.net
Wed Aug 13 07:33:14 CEST 2008

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 12:58 AM, Paul Marks <paul at pmarks.net> wrote:
> I have a DViCO FusionHDTV5 RT Gold, with an IR sensor that connects to
> the back of the card.  The remote is a "Fusion Remote MCE".  The video
> capture stuff works just fine, but I've had no such luck with the
> remote.

Just to confirm some things:
- The remote control works using DViCO's software on Windows Vista x64.
- The remote is not detected in Ubuntu 8.04.1

I normally run Gentoo with kernel 2.6.26, but I tested with an Ubuntu
Live CD, to be sure I wasn't forgetting some trivial kernel module.

Is there anything I can run in Windows to determine how the driver is
communicating with the IR sensor?  I managed to get Dscaler's
RegSpy.exe running, and it did show a bit of activity, but nothing
that correlated with my remote button presses.

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