[linux-dvb] CT-3650 driver effort

Guy Martin gmsoft at tuxicoman.be
Wed Aug 13 12:32:41 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I'm currently trying to get the CT-3650 working.
It has the following chips :
 - TDA8264 (tuner)
 - TDA10023 (DVB-C demod)
 - TDA10048 (DVB-T demod)

I'm able to get the DVB-C frontend working using the attached patch.
However I can't test the DVB-T nor the CI.

To test the DVB-T frontend, I'm missing dvb-fe-tda10048-1.0.fw which I
can't find anywhere.

Regarding the CI, I'm only watching FTA so I won't be able to test that.

Please review the attached patch. If I'm given the tda10048 firmware I
should probably get it to work. 


Guy Martin
Gentoo Linux - HPPA port lead
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