[linux-dvb] Cx18 hvr-1600 Update

Michael Papet mpapet at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 14 17:25:26 CEST 2008


I'm one of the troubled cx18/hvr-1600 owners with an update.  After some fiddling around, I've come up with a way to get the card to load every time in Debian Etch and a 2.6.25 kernel.

1. blacklist cx18
2. If my modprobe-fu were better then I'm pretty sure there's a more elegant way of doing this.  /etc/rc.local contains the following stanzas.  The order is very important.

modprobe tveeprom
modprobe compat_ioctl32
modprobe firmware_class
modprobe dvb-core
modprobe cx18

At this time, US OTA HDTV is perfect.  Audio on regular TV has some very annoying white noise mixed in with the audio with a perfect picture.  Any suggestions about where to begin addressing the noise issue are welcome.


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