[linux-dvb] Re : how to save epg data directly from dvb device?

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Sat Aug 16 03:24:17 CEST 2008

Le 15.08.2008 14:39:56, Jody Gugelhupf a écrit :
> Hi there, 
> i got a dvb-s pci card, I want to get all the epg data available from
> several satellites, all the channels they got. I got two questions.
> 1. Is it possible using dvbstream to save the raw epg data in a file?
>   1.1 if yes, how?
>   1.2 if no, how can i save the raw epg data from dvb-s?
> 2. What kind of converters are there already, that convert raw epg
> data into any usable format e.g. xml ? and which ones are those?
> thx for any help and please any hints tips are welcome :)
> jody :D

You can probably use dvbsnoop on the correct pid (dont remember now but 
easy to find I guess) and set the filters correctly to get the eit 
tables only. Use -b to get the raw stream (without it dvbsnoop will 
decode it for you that might help you in the process).

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